• Your Own E-Store

    Online food & grocery shopping platform with online analytics and support tools. Complete native Android & IOS applications


    All Retailers now can dream of their own E-Store

  • Features

    We care about awesome features to get the job done.

    Integrated Brand Marketing

    Digital Marketting

    A very easy way to reach masses at a very effective cost.

    Integrated Product Management

    Content Management System

    Complete inventory management with inflow and outflow of products with custom reporting*.

    Integrated Category Management

    Easy to Manage

    A category as well as sub category management with complete Data abstractions

    Order Tracking

    Be the Pioneers in Home Delivery

    A complete 5 Stage order tracking management.


    Best Way to Retain Customers

    Image notification as well as custom text notification included for Ios and Android

    Special Offers


    A special offer management with easy integration and loosely coupled offer product management

    User Authenticaiton


    High Security with complete Data Integration

    Online Payment

    Be Digital

    Various Custom as well as Third party online Payment modes provided.

    Bar Code Integration


    Simple Bar code and QR code integrations

    Address Printing

    A4 size Global Printer Support

    Address as well as custom product printing provided.

    Back end Support

    A Strong Support To Servers

    A Backend support with Content Management System Provided.

  • Screenshots

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Category & Product Management

    Very Simple To Use

    Simply add and edit products

    Home Screen

    Decent Home Screen Customizable

    Home screen with Offers

    Content Management System

    Admin Easily Managed Content

    Complete content management system is easy and user friendly

    Order Tracking

    Complete Order History

    A simple way to track your grocery usage

    The Order Tracking For Admin

    Admin can easily track order for packaging

    The stages are included with default as 5. Customization available.

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